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📷 How to shoot the Milky Way on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro

Last weekend I could finally test the iPhone’s night photo capabilities. The night sky was clear and the Milky Way was slightly visible over my head

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🏞 Force macOS Photos.app to download whole iCloud library

Many, many times I had issues with iCloud photos syncing. The last time I tried to save my whole Photos library

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🖥 Delete old Linux kernels in /boot partition

Sometimes one need to free up /boot partition, for example, to perform release upgrade using do-release-upgrade command

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🌅 Convert HEIC to JPEG in one click (macOS)

By default, photos made with the iPhone camera app are saved in HEIC format. Your Apple devices can work with HEIC files like a charm, however, there are still many cases when you may need to convert these...

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